My Practice

Myself and My Work

I have been practicing as a doctorate level psychologist and psychotherapist in Private Practice for 30 years.  I have provided psychological services and psychotherapy in hospital, residential, day treatment and outpatient community mental health programs.

I am interested in providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for individuals and couples who want to understand their lives and internal and external experiences more fully.  This psychotherapy helps people decrease distress, improve personal relationships and improve their ability to live more satisfying, creative and productive lives.

I work in close collaboration with each individual and couple and pay careful attention to relationship interactions and the patterns between personal and interpersonal experiences.  This psychotherapy process addresses both past and present, mind and body, and internal fantasy and external reality.

My Approach

I provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults and couples.  My practice has developed out of a special concern for assisting individuals and their families in understanding their total psychological experience, including the significance of their unconscious emotional processes and physical experiences, which greatly affect psychological well being.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy helps individuals learn to use their internal and external resources to their fullest potential. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy aims to address the formation of psychological processes, of patterns that are interfering with a meaningful life and causing symptoms such as anxiety, depression and pain.  Individuals are encouraged to freely speak about their emotions, desires and fears.  As these emotions, early life experiences, thoughts and beliefs are expressed, it is possible to recognize recurring patterns and then begin to change these patterns leading to more desirable outcomes.

The psychotherapeutic relationship is central to psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  As this relationship is examined, more can be learned about relationships with friends and loved ones as well as oneself.